Common Core & 21st Century Skills

P21Currently, school leaders across the country are faced with the full integration of Common Core State Standards as well as developing curriculum across all content areas which promote the development of the 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Thanks to Partnership for 21st Century Skills, school and district leaders can now turn to the P21 Common Core Toolkit, which will assist them in aligning both Common Core State Standards with 21st Century Skills. In the 48-page toolkit, leaders who are interested in implementing Common Core Standards in ways that will infuse the 4 C’s will find:

 Alignment Overview

A high-level summary of how the P21 framework and the Common Core State Standards support each other

Common Core / P21 Examples

Lesson starters that illustrate “what it looks like” to align instructional practices with both the common core and P21 skills

Common Core Resources

Compilation of useful links for states and districts working to implement the Common Core State Standards

Assessment Resources

Compilation of background reading on the issue of assessment and the 4Cs

Looking for more resources on Common Core? Check out the following resources on Twitter and on the Web for the latest information, news, support and advice on Common Core.



We provide educators, administrators, and parents with the highest quality ELA assessments aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

Common Core


Education non-profit promoting challenging, rigorous instruction in the full range of liberal arts and sciences.

Common Core Live Binders shelf link– Over 1,000 resources!


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