Tech-Savvy School Leadership

IMG_0638I can summarize what it means to be a tech-savvy school leader in less than a Tweet. Tech-savvy school leaders are:

Globally connected, strategic risk-takers who always put the needs of students first. 

That sums it up in 56 characters.

My M.Ed capstone project, The Impact of the Tech-Savvy School Leader on School Culture, however examines in much greater detail the leadership traits of an effective 21st century school administrator and the impact a tech-savvy leader has on shaping school culture. As the results of my study show, tech-savvy school leaders blog, tweet, publish, post, share, connect, and collaborate globally. They understand the skill set students need to be competitive in the 21st century. They are an inspiration.

Inspirational school leaders & educators

Inspirational school leaders & educators

There are many school leaders and educators throughout the country who contributed to this research project. I appreciate everyone who Tweeted out the link to my survey and helped me gather 88 responses. While this was a small sample size, I believe the results are applicable to a larger population of schools that are committed to providing technology access for all, whether the devices be issued by the district, or a BYOD policy is in place. As my research shows, students are highly engaged in their learning in a tech-rich school environment and the culture is positive.

A follow-up study could prove that students who come from tech-rich environments achieve at higher levels than those who do not . I believe there is a strong correlation between access to technology and student achievement, and my goal is to someday complete a second study which proves that hypothesis. Please share this post with your PLN. Let’s work together to ensure student success.

The presentation below is filled with links to useful educational leadership resources. I hope this presentation and paper will be shared globally and will help other graduate students.


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