New Beginnings


Today was my birthday. I spent it with my new colleagues at Burlington High School in Burlington, Massachusetts. I am honored, humbled, and down right giddy to be joining the BHS faculty and to be working as their new Instructional Technology Teacher! If you are not familiar with Burlington High School, it is truly an amazing place.

Burlington High School is an Apple Distinguished, 1:1 iPad public high school and epitomizes the “21st century school” that we all read about on blogs, Twitter, and Google+. While the school does have a plethora of the latest technology, one of the main reasons I am so lucky to be joining the BHS community is because of the wonderful people I will have the opportunity to work with and learn from on a daily basis.

Although school hasn’t even started, I have already received a warm and welcoming reception from the administration, IT staff, faculty, central office personnel, and former and current students. I have met people not only from the high school, but teachers, library staff, and instructional technology specialists from the middle and elementary schools in the district. I can honestly say that BHS already feels like my new home, and while some teachers may be wishing summer would last forever, I cannot wait for school to start and to meet my new students and the rest of the BHS community.

This coming year, I will be teaching Digital Literacy and will run the BHS Help Desk. I will have the freedom and flexibility to develop the curriculum and structure of both courses, which is an amazing opportunity as an educator. When I was told I would have the latitude to implement my ideas into these courses, it ignited my creativity and I have a whole Evernote book full of project ideas that I can’t wait to introduce to my students.

This coming year is truly a new beginning. I am so grateful for this career opportunity, and I am ready for a year full of exciting changes.



  • Professor Michael Magoon

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jenn!!! Great blog about BHS (love the photo – how creative of you!)
    Good luck in your new position and I now you will do well. BHS is lucky to have you and I can tell by your words and expressions how happy you are to be embarking on this new journey… just do me one favor… G1,F2,C3 (which stands for God 1st – if you’re religious; Family 2nd – which I know you have a wonderful family that needs your love; and C3 – Career 3rd!!!!) Sometimes we get these priorities confused and do C1,F2,G3…. we put pour career 1st, family 2nd, and Faith last if we even have time for any….. “Make time for the important things in life…” BHS certainly sounds important and that’s cool, but also take time for YOU & your family!

    Prof. MM

  • You go girl. Am I surprised about your new position? Not one bit. I’m sure you’ll be fabulous….by the way or should I say btw, we still need to get in that coffee meeting! Sue Gately

  • Congratulations Jenn! I remember you raving about this school in our class – best of luck to you and I hope that you have a wonderful school year!!! 🙂 Danielle

    • Thank you Danielle! It’s been a busy August for me and I just finished three days of PD at Burlington. I feel so fortunate to be a part of their community of learners! Wishing you all the best this school year too!

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