Back to School Night at Burlington

Next Thursday is Back to School night at Burlington High School. To introduce myself and the BHS Digital Literacy course curriculum to parents, I decided to create a short video using the tool Video Scribe. I plan to incorporate this tool into my teaching this year, as I know it could be used to create flipped lessons. If you haven’t given Video Scribe a try, I highly recommend experimenting with it and exploring ways it could be integrated into your classroom.  It was relatively simple to build and there are several excellent tutorials to assist you. I look forward to showing parents an example of a web 2.0 tool so they will clearly understand the types of digital projects their children will have the opportunity to create as members of my class.



  • Jennifer Judkins (@jennjudkins)

    Love this! Going to check out VideoScribe thanks to your post 🙂 Did you do this with the iPad app or the desktop version?

    • Thanks Jenn! I had seen Video Scribe a while back and finally had some time to give it a try.

      I used the desktop version. There are a lot of capabilities that I didn’t use, but hope to learn and use in the future. I signed up for the seven day free trial.

      There is education pricing and I may look into that because I think it’s something I’d like to use often.

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