Day 31: Connected Educator Month

I started Connected Educator Month with a blog post. I will end with a blog post…

Meaningful conversation.

Some have been thought-provoking and intellectually challenging, others have just made me laugh. Some have been frustrating and have left me with more questions than answers. All have contributed to my continued professional development as an educator.

I won’t earn PD hours for the conversations I’ve had with colleagues and students, but these conversations have been the best part of connected educator month. I intended to register for several webinars and participate in more Twitter chats this October, but I did not. Instead I spent more time getting acquainted with the students, teachers, and administration at Burlington. Besides, everything  virtual gets archived, and I can always go back to it later.

My Month in Review:

Here’s an overview of how I connected this past month:

1. I took my students to the Google office in Cambridge. Our tour was led by my former student Michael Westervelt.
2. I had a lengthy phone conversation with my colleague Jen Judkins and we discussed in detail what our districts are doing in terms of tech integration. (I still enjoy using my phone to make and receive phone calls. I know, I’m old-fashioned)
3. I attended a GAFE workshop (also led by Jen) and learned about the scripts Doctopus and Goobric
4. I attended Edscape in New Jersey
5. I’m currently reading Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess and participating in an online book discussion with 14 other educators
6. I brought one of the Movenote team members into my class via a Google Hangout. She is from Sweden and explained to my students how to use the app. Several teachers at Burlington are now using Movenote with their students as an alternative to a standard presentation.
7. I presented at the Online Education Symposium of Independent Schools & Mass CUE with my Help Desk students
8. I’ve facilitated three TED Edu Club meetings which BHS is piloting this fall
9. I presented at the New Hampshire Business Education Association annual conference & celebrated the retirement of my mentor Dr. Burton Kaliski. During my presentation, I shared Tweets with my colleagues and hosted a brief Google Hangout with Patrick Larkin.
10. I’ve had three relatively in-depth conversations with my colleague Tim Calvin. We’ve been discussing what correlation, if any, exists between technology and effective teaching.
11. I joined the New England Google Apps and Chrome Collaborative Google Plus Community

Overall, it’s been a productive month. I’m pleased to see a balance between real-life and virtual connections.  I look forward to continued meaningful conversation and continued professional growth.





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