Calling all Connected Educators: What does #digcit mean to you…and your students?

Connected Educator month is in full swing and October is flying by! Before the month ends, don’t miss your chance to do one of the most meaningful activities in October…give your students the chance to be connected. The #digcit moderation team has created a way for you to do this.

From now until October 31st we are collecting video submissions for the first annual Global #digcit PSA project. We would have launched this idea on October 1st, however, it literally just came to me after last Wednesday’s #digcit chat. During the chat, moderated by Marialice Curran and her students at the University of St. Joseph in West Hartford, Connecticut, I realized how many passionate educators there were from all over the world. It inspired me to develop a way to connect our students’ voices from every corner of the globe and the Global #digcit PSA project was born. It is designed to allow students to be as creative as they want in sharing their #digcit message.

I am excited about the potential of what the finished PSA will look like. The students in my Technology Innovation and Integration course (a.k.a Help Desk) will collect all video submissions and will produce and share the final version of the PSA. I am grateful to be living in a time when connecting with other educators from every part of the world is possible, but I am even more excited to give my students the chance to do the same. If you share in this philosophy and feel and believe that student voice is the most important part of connected educator month, then please spread the world about the Global #digcit PSA and contribute to this effort. The form to submit your video is embedded below. It contains a one minute introductory message from my students (please watch & share it!) explaining “the rules.”

Thank you in advance to every member of my PLN for helping to make a difference in our digital world.

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