A One-Stop Chromebook Shop: Resource Guide for Educators

I am excited to share a comprehensive, user friendly resource guide for teachers who are new to using Chromebooks in the classroom. The sharing of this resource has been a long time coming. I started building the guide back in August. What initially began as a simple Google Doc morphed into a full blown Google Site.

google-485643_640While conducting research for the site, I quickly realized the volume of information on the web about Chromebooks and Chrome Apps & Extensions could easily overwhelm a teacher new to a Chromebook and GAFE. Knowing this, and placing myself in the shoes of a Chromebook newbie, I curated what I believe are the best resources on Chromebooks into a concise, yet information-rich Google site. This one-stop Chromebook shop has been designed to assist my colleagues in Burlington as well as members of my PLN across the globe. I know you’ll find it useful!

The site includes:

1. Chromebooks 101- the most helpful (and short) how-to videos from the Chrome Help Center’s YouTube Channel. Each one is a must watch for anyone using a Chromebook for the first time.

2. The Chromebook Desktop- the shelf, status area, apps launcher, etc.

3. The Chromebook Keyboard- lots of tips, tricks, and useful shortcuts (getting acclimated to a Chromebook keyboard can be a challenge for some)

4. Chrome OS- a brief and simple to understand history and power of the OS

5. Chrome Apps & Extensions – a huge list for educators to explore (this is the level up part)

6. Google and Digital Citizenship – digital literacy and YouTube curriculum resources as well as links for parents. If your students use the web, it’s time to integrate lessons in digital citizenship.

7. More Support – links to Google Gooru’s (literally), Google+ communities focused on GAFE and all things Chrome. Not on Google+? It’s time to stop ignoring it!

The link to the site can be found here:

BPS EdTech Chromebooks

Feel free to share the link to the site with your PLN as well as the members of your school community. You’ll find it to be a helpful resource, whether you have one cart of Chromebooks or your entire district is transitioning to 1:1 Chromebook.



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