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An Inside Look at the Future Ready Movement

It was an honor to receive an invitation to attend the Future Ready Summit in Rhode Island and represent Burlington Public Schools as a local area expert. I had the opportunity to share the success of Burlington’s student run Help Desk and talk with school leaders about how they can develop a similar program to support their own 1:1 initiative. I

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Reflections From FETC & Thoughts On Future Ready

My mind is still on overdrive since returning from last week’s FETC Executive Summit where I had the opportunity to present to roughly 200 educational leaders about Burlington’s 1:1 initiative and our student centered learning environment. It was an honor to share the great work being done in my district on behalf of our students, but it was also incredibly

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When It Comes To Twitter, My Way Is The Right Way

It’s ironic, almost comical, that there seems to be more and more blog posts out there about the “right way” to  “do Twitter.” What’s especially ironic are  posts from folks who say Twitter should be used for two-way communication. They go on and on about how Twitter should be used to cultivate a robust personal learning network. Some even create awesome presentations

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The Truth About 1:1

I started my Master’s degree in Educational Administration in 2010. I finished in May of 2013. For three years I studied 21st century educational leadership. I read articles and textbooks, analyzed case studies, and discussed with classmates and professors the traits and characteristics of effective school leaders. In 2011, I started using social networking sites to develop a PLN and

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Common Core & 21st Century Skills

Currently, school leaders across the country are faced with the full integration of Common Core State Standards as well as developing curriculum across all content areas which promote the development of the 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Thanks to Partnership for 21st Century Skills, school and district leaders can now turn to the P21 Common Core

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The Educator Talent Business Vs. The Educator Preparation Business

Tonight was a typical Monday night…I spent several hours reading, researching, learning, and exploring new philosophies on educational leadership and technology integration from some of the country’s top education experts. Learning from like-minded individuals in my PLN on Twitter, & LinkedIn and my latest go-to news source for all things education-related, Google +, has become my new favorite past time

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