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What Could Be Better Than The #BammyAwards?

Roughly two weeks ago I was checking the updates section of my inbox from my phone and noticed a message from Rae Pica. The portion of the message I saw read: “Jennifer L. Scheffer has been nominated for a Bam…” “Congratulations, Jennifer L. Scheffer has been…” I thought, “What…? Huh…?” I opened the email and continued reading. “Congratulations, Jennifer L. Scheffer has

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Daring to Disconnect

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 7.56.36 PM

“Don’t use your cellphone for the next hour” This was the “Dare” card I randomly drew at the TED Active Dine Around event on Wednesday, March 18th. I couldn’t help but laugh. My phone was dead, the wi-fi was weak and I was with brilliant company, so it really wasn’t a challenging dare. I disconnected for the majority of my time in

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Student Tech Teams Featured in a Student Run Demo Slam

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Of all the tools available to students and teachers, Google Hangouts is easily one of the most powerful in the Google apps suite. My introduction to Hangouts came back in May of 2013 by 7th grade social studies teacher Tracy Sockalosky. Since that initial video call, I have been fascinated by Hangouts as a means to connect “face to face”

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Calling all Connected Educators: What does #digcit mean to you…and your students?

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Connected Educator month is in full swing and October is flying by! Before the month ends, don’t miss your chance to do one of the most meaningful activities in October…give your students the chance to be connected. The #digcit moderation team has created a way for you to do this. From now until October 31st we are collecting video submissions

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