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Lessons in Digital Citizenship from Monica Lewinsky

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I recently returned from the TED Active conference in Whistler, Canada  where I had the distinct honor of learning alongside 700 other attendees. I listened in awe and at times disbelief to some of the world’s most innovative thought leaders who shared their ideas on a variety of topics. Several of my favorite talks included: What if 3D printing was 100x faster? by John

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Calling all Connected Educators: What does #digcit mean to you…and your students?

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Connected Educator month is in full swing and October is flying by! Before the month ends, don’t miss your chance to do one of the most meaningful activities in October…give your students the chance to be connected. The #digcit moderation team has created a way for you to do this. From now until October 31st we are collecting video submissions

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Who’s Making the Rules in Your Google Classroom?

Like many educators, I plan to integrate Google Classroom into my instruction for the 14-15 school year. Specifically, I’ll be using Classroom with my Digital Literacy students at Burlington High School. In addition to it’s integration with Drive, one of the features in Classroom I am excited about is the ability to have online discussions with my students, especially since

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Diigo and Feedly and Flipboard- Oh My! Ideas for Teaching Information Literacy

“Awesome” That is what Evan, one of my Digital Literacy students, said when I showed him and his classmates Flipboard. Laying the Foundation for Digital Citizenship: For the past two weeks, my students have been learning how to improve their Internet search skills, critically evaluate websites and curate web resources in order to create a highly personalized online reading experience.

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