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Finally…A (technological) Breakthrough

A few weeks ago, I met with Todd Whitten, the Burlington High School Social Studies Department Chair. Todd has a reputation for trying new technology in the classroom. I was eager to chat with him about a few apps and web tools that I thought he might want to integrate into his classes. When we met, I showed Todd the

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Day 31: Connected Educator Month

I started Connected Educator Month with a blog post. I will end with a blog post… Meaningful conversation. Some have been thought-provoking and intellectually challenging, others have just made me laugh. Some have been frustrating and have left me with more questions than answers. All have contributed to my continued professional development as an educator. I won’t earn PD hours for the

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New Beginnings

Today was my birthday. I spent it with my new colleagues at Burlington High School in Burlington, Massachusetts. I am honored, humbled, and down right giddy to be joining the BHS faculty and to be working as their new Instructional Technology Teacher! If you are not familiar with Burlington High School, it is truly an amazing place. Burlington High School

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Thoughts from an Edcamp Rookie: Educators Connecting And Making Progress

If I were asked, “what is Edcamp?” My answer would be this:   What I experienced at my first Edcamp was exactly that…a group of educators who want to connect and collaborate with their peers in order to move education forward and have the greatest impact on the lives of the students they teach. Edcamp Basics: Edcamps are professional development

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