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Welcome to my edtech training resource page!

Here you’ll find tutorials featuring Google Apps for Education and iOS applications for the K-12 classroom. Most of these technology tools, tips, and tricks can be integrated into your classroom TOMORROW- here are 10 suggestions to get you started! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for updates each time a new video is created. Looking for something specific? Complete the Contact Form and make a request. I’d love your suggestions!

Learn how to quickly and easily insert a table of contents into a Google Doc by changing the text style and using the “insert table of contents” feature. Also learn a “return to table of contents” hack (a great idea from my Help Desk student Quentin!). I also show you how to easily delete the table of contents if necessary. Enjoy!

Changing the default font style, size, and line spacing in Google docs.

In less than 3 minutes, Google docs users can learn how to change the default font style, size, and line spacing from Arial, 11, 1.15 to Times New Roman, 12, and double. These settings are preferred by most teachers at the secondary and postsecondary level. They are also the standard choice for many industries. Knowing this quick Google doc tip will ultimately save you time and allow you to focus exclusively on the the writing process.


Grading Updates in Google Classroom

The December, 2015 updates to Google Classroom include 5 new features that make grading even easy for teachers!


Backing Up Notability to Google Drive

In this tutorial students learn how to back up their Notability notes to Google Drive. With autoback ups turned on, students will never have to worry about losing their notes should something go wrong with Notability or their device.


Padlet is one of my favorite edtech tools! It’s an excellent way to showcase student work “digital gallery” style or for formative assessment. In this tutorial you will learn how to create, modify, and post to a Padlet wall. Also check out the iOS app which is nearly identical to the web version.

Book Creator Update

Now you students can create Comic-style books with the highly versatile Book Creator iOS application. See the video below for a quick overview of Book Creator’s new features.

Google Classroom Integration with Google Calendar

See how you can access Calendar from the About Page of each class in Classroom or from the triple line menu. See all your assignments at once in a calendar week view, or filter assignment due dates based on each class.

Unenrolling from Google Classroom classes from the iPad

In two simple steps students can unenroll from their Google Classrooms from their iPads. Watch how!

Embedding a Google Form into a Google Site

Learn how to embed a Google Form in a Google Site in a few simple steps. Using a Form as an exit ticket is a great way to check for student understanding at the completion of a lesson. Student responses will be automatically placed into a spreadsheet for easy access. Adding a form to your sitss and organization.

Level Up Gmail With Labs

In this quick tutorial, you’ll learn how to leverage the Canned Response Gmail Lab. Designed for the “truly lazy” according to Google, canned responses eliminates the need to send the same emails over and over. It takes seconds to learn and is a true life savior!

Google Classroom Update: Co-teaching, Drafts, & Assignment Overview

The April, 2015 update of Classroom introduced a feature many educators had been requesting: co-teaching. In addition, the ability to save drafts of assignments and announcements, similar to Gmail, was also added.

Distraction Free Video with View Pure and QuietTube

Video can be super engaging for today’s learners. Unfortunately, it can also be super distracting. Ads, comments, and related videos surrounding a YouTube video can lure your students’ attention away from the content you really want to focus on. View Pure and Quiet Tube are two options for bringing distraction free videos to your students.

Google Hangouts Live On Air

Connect your students to the world through Google Hangouts On Air. Stream live events on your YouTube channel and Google+ page. Hangouts On Air are a great way to archive what your students have learned for future sharing with your colleagues, administrators, parents, and community members.

Paperless Parent Teacher Conferences

Never worry about being double booked again. Set up a paperless parent teacher conference system in minutes. Use a simple but powerful Forms add-on and receive a notification when a conference is scheduled.

Customizing Google Forms

Have a specific school, class, or club event coming up? This quick video demonstrates how you can completely customize a Google Form.

Google Classroom Update

This brief video highlights several new features of Google Classroom including the ability to show deleted items from the Classroom stream, control how students can post and comment in the stream, and the “Mark as Done” feature.

Embed a Google Calendar into a WordPress Blog

Follow these easy steps to embed a public Google Calendar into your WordPress blog.

Grading Student Quizzes Using Flubaroo

These step by step instructions walk you through using the Google Sheets add-on Flubaroo to automatically grade student quizzes. This tool will save tons of time and allow you to give your students lightning fast feedback!

Google Forms 101

A quick overview of Google Forms. This tutorial was designed for the novice Google Forms user.

Google Classroom 101

This is a “sneak peak” walk through of Classroom from the summer of 2014 which was prior to its public release. Any school that is new to GAFE and is adopting Classroom to create a digital workflow would benefit from watching this tutorial.


  • Well written from a teacher endorsed, parent approved and lifelong learner.. Jenn!! Thanks for continuously modeling to us the efficiency of modern technology and its important role in the daily education of our students. Despite your busy schedule, you are always available to your colleagues enabling us to be better educators in this 21st century learning economy. Thank you for being approachable and highly professional; you’re a phenomenal mentor, par excellence, to all of us!!!

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