Massachusetts GEG

Google Educator Groups are independently run communities of educators who inspire and empower each other to meet the needs of students through technology both in the classroom and beyond. Via face to face meet-ups and online activities, GEGs provide a way for educators who are passionate about education and technology to meet like minded people and share, learn, and collaborate together. To learn more about the Massachusetts Google Educator Group and to view past and upcoming events, visit our Google Plus Community or check out the archived videos embedded below.

So You Want To Be a Google Trainer?
Featuring Lynnfield Public Schools District Technology Coach Jenn Judkins, Groton-Dunstable Regional High School & Middle School Technology Integration Specialists Audra Kaplan & Julie Spang

The Paperless Research Process
Featuring Lynnfield Public School English Teachers Stephanie Marcoux and Joey Puleo-November 2015

Crazy About Calendar-
Featuring Google Education Trainer Alice Barr and Google Certified Teacher Mike Arensenault-
June 2015

Advanced Google Forms & Add-Ons –
Featuring Google Education Trainers Jenn Judkins & Erik Erickson-May 2015
Student Tech Teams to Support GAFE-
Joint event with GEG Mississippi Leader Dr. Will Deyamport
April, 2015

Google Plus for Social Learning
Featuring Kelly Fitzgerald, Kyle Beatty, and Lyn Hilt
March, 2015 

Google’s Top Contributor Program
Featuring Ziggy Dzeigman
January, 2015

Utilizing Student Genius: Student Run Tech Teams
Featuring Burlington High School, Reading Memorial High School, Groton-Dunstable High School, Lynnfield High School, Hamilton-Wenham High School, Cape Elizabeth High School

Timeline JS Interactive Timeline
Featuring Audra Kaplan & Jeannie Erickson 

A Sneak Peak at Google Classroom
Featuring Jenn Judkins, Jonathan Schmid, and Alexandria Cellucci
July, 2014

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