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The Paperless Research Process

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to discuss how Lynnfield High School English teachers Stephanie Marcoux and Joseph Puleo are leveraging Google Apps for Education to create a paperless research process for their students in Lynnfield, Massachusetts. Our conversation was a virtual Massachusetts Google Educator Group event and we primarily discussed how GAFE tools are saving Lynnfield teachers and students massive

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Is Google Classroom Working? 8 Teachers Share Their Insight


I recently sat down with 8 of my colleagues at Burlington High School for a candid conversation about Google Classroom. I wasn’t surprised to hear that Classroom has had a significant impact on workflow and communication with students. Below is a summary of what Burlington teachers had to say: English teacher Krista Roberts has been using Classroom since September. She

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Level Up Gmail With Labs 

Despite significant advances in digital technologies, email continues to be a dominant communication tool used in virtually every industry, including education. Fortunately for Gmail users, there are loads of tricks designed to alleviate some of the stress associated with a flooded inbox. Some of the lesser known Gmail organization tools can be found in Labs. Gmail labs are experimental features

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A Google Classroom Tutorial

Google Classroom is coming soon and more and more teachers are gaining access to this latest product in the Google Apps for Education suite. I was lucky to receive an invitation to try Classroom at the very end of the school year. Although my students left for summer vacation before I had a chance to use it with them, I

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